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  • UCSF Taps Atul Butte to Lead Big Data Center.
  • California Launches Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine.
  • UCSF Receives $5 million to Integrate Data From Cancer Research Models.
  • ‘Purity’ Of Tumor Samples May Significantly Bias Genomic Analyses.
  • FDA-approved antidepressant may combat deadly form of lung cancer, study finds.
  • White House recognizes Butte, Endy as open science Champions of Change.
  • Diabetes’ genetic underpinnings can vary based on ethnic background, studies say.
  • Stanford team, Northrup Grumman to partner on bioinformatics work.
  • Scientists use public-database search to identify novel receptor with key role in type-2 diabetes.
  • Women report feeling pain more intensely than men, says study of electronic records.
  • Stanford/Packard scientists find new uses for existing drugs by mining gene-activity data banks.